Monday, 20 June 2016

this is my comer pet I tried to do a dragon 

Monday, 4 April 2016

The adventures of Grim,  jack and
doge part 2.
Previously on part one Charlie and James have been eaten and they came to HNPS and got adopted in room 14 and their new names are scout dook and Evey.
Part 2.Today charlir and james wernt at school and max brot in the paper and gave it to mrs T
and it gh said.:Yesterday 2 children got eaten called Charlie and James
by 3 great danes 2 males and a female no one knows their names but they will not be punished. they
will be sent to JAPAN if you know where they are trained and then they will be sent back  to NZ. To get adopted” That very day we were going to the aquarium in napier our teacher was going  swimming with Shark the shark Tank and once She got in She ran her hand along the shark back and the beast bit MRS T arm of Evey jumped into the shark tank and kicked the shark with her back legs giving the teacher enough time to get out and Evey got eaten and the girls started to wail and sob while the boys cked up and were laughing about twenty minutes later an ambulance was here and she was taken to hospital the next day we had Mrs mill for our reliever and she was our reliever for the next three months in three months time Mrs T came back and there was a big change she had an arm but not flesh its mechanical then the doctor came in and said now she might lose control a bit so she'll need some helpers hew go with her every where she goes now hew up for the job Nathan and Max immediately and got chosen and she got picked up by her husband every day till the end of the year

The end
The adventures of Grim,  jack and
One cloudy overcast night the Great Danes Grim, jack and doge were sitting in their owners blue and white striped  machine[that they live in] when a thunder cloud came and struck the hedges outside the house they caught fire and was quickly spread to the machine.
The dogs quickly ran out the Machine running through a gap In the burning hedges watching their house burn down horridly. In three months they found themselves on teouty road they saw a house they ran at the driveway and found a little boy called Charlie Kennedy struggling on his homework and the door was wide open. So they crept in to the house and scared Charlie so badly he fainted and dropped to the ground and the dogs were so starving they ate him but that was not enough for three full size great Danes soon enough they came to 1240 Aida street where they saw a boy called James Vennel watching TV when Grim
Jack and Doge smashed through a window and shredded` James to bits. In 2 weeks they managed to walk to Have lock North primary and went to room 14 and Mrs T said looking confused “How did they get here?” Then Charlie Ross went up to Mrs T and asked “Can we keep
them please” “OK we could keep them but first we will have a vote but we already have a crayfish and two axolotls Who votes for the great Danes to get adopted in the class” everyone put their hand up.”Ok that was simple” The boys called one Scout. The girls called one Evey. And the class called one dook.Next is part 2.

Friday, 27 November 2015

   My poem                  By Max.I see the waves crashing on the tide line. I feel the sand blowing in gust like pins and needles against my flesh.I see all the abandonedcrab holes and sand castles just sitting there that people have made. I see crayfish sheded skins lying abandoned  in the millions of grains of sand.                 
Awesome effort!